Powerman Muncie Coming Up Fast

By Jason Digman ( on September 24, 2010

Powerman Muncie is now but a bit over a week away. Our recent conversations with Muncie Multisport’s Steven Tomboni have us at excited for the event. If what looks to be one of the better professional duathlon fields in the United States in recent years, particularly at a non-world championship event isn’t enough, there are a variety of options for racing distances — the kids duathlon, a sprint race of 5K-20K-5K, an Olympic distance race of 10k-40K-5K and the Powerman of 10k-60K-10K — for age groupers. Not only can you raise as you’d like, the elite races are slotted for later in the day so you can race and then watch some of duathlon’s best battling it out. What can be better than that?

There is a lot of information about the race on the Muncie Multi Sport site,, including a great preview video on the bike course and a discount coupon. Details on the professionals committed to the race can be found at

You still have time to get registered, the getting in shape part might be a stretch but with those racing options, who needs optimal fitness anyway with what looks to be a weekend of fun?


August 16, 2010

Powerman Muncie Duathlons and Mideast Regional Duathlon Championships
The Right Race. The Right Location. The Right Course. The Right Time.

By Steve Tomboni, Muncie Multisport, Inc., CEO

The World returns to Muncie, Indiana, for the first Powerman Muncie Duathlons and the Mideast Regional Duathlon Championships on October 2nd, 2010. It is hard to believe it has been over 15 years since my first triathlon as a race director, the 1996 ITU/Muncie Long Course World Championship.  In many respects the world has come full circle in those years since the days when triathlon and duathlon seemed to have two totally different groups of athletes. The maturity of our sport now offers so many more options for all types of athletes. It is not uncommon to race a couple of duathlons in the spring and then hit the triathlon season hard; particularly in the midwest during the outdoor swim season. Muncie now offers a bookend to your season with the 1st Powerman Muncie Duathlon and PowerKids Duathlon weekend.

Invitations have been offered and accepted by Professional athletes from around the globe including; Pro prize purse: $7,000 USD and an elite prize purse of $1,050 in the three championship races; sprint du: 5k/20k/5k, Olympic du; 10k/40k/5k and the Powerman distance: 10k/60k/10k.

Professionals to look for : Oscar Mendoza,  Michelle Parsons, Blake Becker, Zach Ruble, Nick Waninger, Ryan Bates, Daniel Bretscher, Ryan Giuliano, Anthony Le Duey and Joerie Vansteelant.

The age group races start at 8:00am and the Pro race starts at 12:40pm. That means while you are rocking out to great music, eating pizza, and having refreshments, the professionals will be flying past on a three lap bike course that could be one of the best 20.2k bike courses in America! You will also get one of the best finisher medals of all time, a great race shirt, and chip timing.

We are a company staffed and led by age-groupers and are very focused on providing an outstanding event with all our years of racing, organizing and volunteering  across America.  In many respects, this race will bring the world back to Muncie. It is the right race, with the right location, the right course at the right time of the year. It is time for duathletes in America to have their own destination.  Don’t miss the 1st Powerman Muncie!

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