The mini marathon course is a double loop that takes you through historic Muncie passing by many landmarks.  Below are course maps for each race and a picture with a description of each Muncie landmark that the course passes.


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Start Line
Located by the old emergency room of the hospital, this will be the start of the IU Health/BMH Muncie Mini Marathon.




More commonly known as “Benny”, was commissioned by the citizens of Muncie to honor the Ball family for its generosity and support.  Benny was erected in 1937 and is located on the campus of Ball State University.  It was the last work of art for the famous sculptor Daniel Chester French.  French is more commonly known for his creation of the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial.



Shafer Tower
The crowning glory of the north end of Ball State’s campus, Shafer Tower rises 150 feet in the air from the middle of McKinley Avenue. The carillon tower houses 48 custom-made bells covering four octaves, making it an instrument capable of playing most historic and contemporary carillon music.



These 6 columns, made from Indiana limestone, were once a part of the front portico of the Frank C. Ball home.  The home was destroyed by fire in 1967.  They were moved to the main entrance of Minnetrista in 1987.



Catalyst was commissioned for Minnetrista by Virginia B. Ball to honor her husband, Edmund F. Ball.  The design represents partnership, giving and stewardship which were important ideals of Mr. Ball.  It was also intended to represent a century of giving by the Ball family, their stewardship of the land, and Minnetrista as a catalyst in the community.  Dedicated in 2004, this 26ft wide sculpture is comprised of 32,000 pounds of limestone, 17,000 pounds of stainless steel and 2,000 pounds of dichroic and steel.



Appeal to the Great Spirit
This statue is a memorial to Edmund B. Ball.  After his death in 1925, his family searched for a suitable memorial to him.  They chose this bronze sculpture of a plains Indian “Appealing to the Great Spirit.”  The statue was dedicated in 1929 and sits just down the White River from the Ball family homes on the north side of the river.



Entrance to McCulloch Park from the White River Greenway.



George F. McCulloch Statue
This statue was dedicated in 1917 in honor of George F. McCulloch.  George was a major developer of Muncie.  He founded The Muncie Morning Star, The Indianapolis Star and The Terre Haute Star along with many more businesses.   He is known as the “Father of Muncie Parks” due to his donation of land that became McCulloch park.



Saint-Gobain Guest House
This house is the former home of William W. Ball, one of the founders of the Ball Brothers Glass Company.  It is located in the campus of Minnetrista along the White River.  The Ball family donated the home to the Ball Foundation which leases the house to Saint-Gobain.  The house was restored in 1992 as a guest facility for guests and employees of Saint-Gobain.




This path will take you along the Ball brothers houses right along the white river.




White River Greenway.
After passing by the Ball houses runners will run along the White River Greenway on their way back to the hospital campus.



White River Greenway