Rules & Policies

Series Rules & Policies

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1) All athletes are eligible for points.

2) An athlete MUST participate in a minimum of 3 races, in the same series division, to be eligible for series awards.

3) Relays do not count towards series points.

4) Only the top 5 races/scores will be counted towards an athletes series total.  So, if an athlete competes in more than 5 races, he/she will only get the top 5 races counted.

5) The Muncie August Triathlon is a Double Points event.  ALL points distributed will be doubled.  This includes age group, bonuses & participation.

6) An athlete may participate in more than one division.  Keep in mind rule #2.


Tie Breakers

1st- whoever competed in more series events will be given the advantage

2nd- a comparison of the mutually longest distance race times will be reviewed with the advantage going to the faster individual.