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Press release 1/4/2010 from MMSI

By admin - Posted on 04 January 2010

For Immediate press release:


Muncie Multi-Sport, Inc. would like to announce a new series of events to be held at Prairie Creek Reservoir in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2010 to include a 5k/10k running series, many different distances of triathlons which is a swim/bike/run event and the same for the sport of duathlon which is a run/bike/run. Co-Founders of the company are Steven and Tammy Tomboni. Our Mission will be to provide communities and individuals with extraordinary health and wellness events focused on Christian practices and providing opportunities to improve spirit, mind and body’ stated Steven and Tammy.


Our combined resumes in event planning include Muncie Endurathon 1993-2007 volunteer, race committee leader, board member, and race director 1996, 2000-2002


1996 ITU/Muncie Long Course World Championships-Race Director

      • National and International Race of the Year

2001-2002 Muncie Endurathon Volunteer director

2002 USA Triathlon Long Course National Championships-Race Director

2003 USA Triathlon Long Course National Championships-Finish line

Muncie Half-Marathon 2004-2007

Pepsi Y-Tri Sprint and Olympic triathlon 2000-2005

      • USA Triathlon Race to Athens finalist 2005

YMCA professional and CEO, 2000-2009

Since 1992 we have been organizing the multi-sport world of racing, hosting events and motivating all from your first 5k to Ironman triathlon.

  • Race management of indoor and outdoor Triathlons, Duathlons, Road races and Youth Triathlon/Duathlons
  • Instruction in Triathlon 101, learning to swim, bike and run for beginners
  • Motivational speaking
  • Event consulting
  • Corporate wellness presentations


The events will be held in Muncie, Indiana, USA as listed below at Prairie Creek reservoir, the site for over 30 years of multi-sports events and race site for the Muncie Endurathon, host of many national championships and the ITU Long Course World Championships in 1996.


2010 Calendar:


Indoor triathlon at the Henry County YMCA on Feb. 27, 2010


Tri 101 at the Henry County YMCA beginning March 11, 2010 


May 15, 2010: Sprint Duathlon 5k/20k/5k and 5k/10k run

            Long course Du 10k/40k/10k


June 12, 2010: Sprint Triathlon 400m/20k/5k, Duathlon 5k/20k/5k, Aqua bike 400m/20k, 5k/10k run


Aug 7, 2010: Sprint Triathlon 400m/20k/5k, Duathlon 5k/20k/5k, Oly Triathlon 1500m/40k/10k, Aqua bike 400m/20k, 5k/10k run


Sept 4, 2010: Sprint Triathlon 400m/20k/5k, Duathlon 5k/20k/5k, Oly Triathlon 1500m/40k/10k, Aqua bike 400m/20k, 5k/10k run


Oct 2, 2010: ‘Muncieman’10k/60k/10k long course duathlon ‘International designation possible’ Sprint Duathlon 5k/20k/5k, double distance duathlon of 10k/40k/10k and 5k/10k run


“We wanted to offer the added benefit of a 5k and 10k run in each event to encourage participation for anyone interested in improving your fitness level from just starting to finishing your first race”, stated Tammy.


The start and finish for all of the events will be Prairie Creek Reservoir with a field limited the first year for each race. “We will keep the first events limited to measure the impact of athletes on the course and review all safety measures before allowing the fields to grow in the coming years”, stated Steven.


Muncie is an ideal location for all of these events with an outstanding location in the central mid-west, hotel accommodations, legendary reputation of events at one of the premier multi-sport locations at Prairie Creek Reservoir and a course second to none in America.


“We are excited to host these events at a location that is familiar, low trafficked and on outstanding roads for biking and running”, said Steven Tomboni. “We have designed a perfect 20k bike-loop around the Reservoir that is exactly what athletes look for in an event.”


A veteran race organizing committee of local athletes has been formed to handle race day operations, volunteers are needed and sponsorships are available as athletes come from all over the country and the world. Most of the events will be early in the day to accommodate all the residents that enjoy the lake. “We expect to have a serious economic impact on our community with the number of guests expected each weekend spending travel dollars on hotels, food and much more”


The October event may have even more excitement as the company is in final negotiations with an international sports company to bring another event to Muncie.

Currently the event will be called, MuncieMan, since it is a long course duathlon consisting of a 10krun/60k bike and a final 10k run. “Even the Pro athletes we have told of the proposed course think it will very difficult and extremely challenging”, said Steven. More details will be announced.


“We will be Americas Hometown for Triathlon and Duathlon”, states Steven and Tammy



For more information please visit or call 765-215-6582 or e-mail at [email protected]




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