Athlete feedback

From Daniel Bretscher (Pro Triathlete):

This past weekend I had the chance to race for the first time in the brand new Muncie Multisport Series at Prairie Creek Reservoir in Muncie Indiana. This new and exciting multisport series utilizes one of the best race venues in the entire country, a venue which was previously only being used once per season. Ever since racing at this venue three years ago I’ve been vocal in expressing that Indiana is not living up to its potential to host a major triathlon with an international race field. All of our surrounding states host major races which attract national media and up to now Indiana has lagged behind.

Enter Steve and Tammy Tomboni. These two started up Muncie Multisport Inc. this year and have major aspirations for turning Muncie back into the multisport destination which it has been at times in the past. In just their first year they have already secured a stop on the Powerman Duathlon Series this October and with a significant purse they have already received commitments from the number one and two ranked duathletes in the world. I will be racing as well. This race will be a big step towards bringing athletes and media to Muncie and spreading the word about this race series. Hopefully it will be a big stepping stone to bringing a major triathlon back to Indiana. After traveling all over the country to race I get a little giddy thinking about the possibility of having world renowned triathletes travel to Indiana to race. Numbers have been a little on the low end for the first two races this year, but the atmosphere, and race quality have been very high. I know a lot of the Indiana multisport crew reads this and I’m encouraging everyone to head to Muncie to check out one of these races. I suspect that after one race you’ll head back for more.

In yesterday’s race I participated in the olympic triathlon, there was also the option of a sprint tri, duathlon, aqua bike, as well as 5 and 10k road races. I was coming off of a very busy week and far from top form but was still able to put a solid race together and get the win. My favorite part of this race in particular was the bike course. We had newly paved roads and the course was such that even in the wet I only had to hit the brakes a few times. I was pleasantly surprised to ride 58 minutes on the bike. I also really enjoy the fact that the awards were finished by noon and the race takes place on Saturday, hence it doesn’t takeaway the entire weekend.

If you are looking for a break from the norm then head to Muncie for a race this year, the next one will be August 7, 2010 I hope to be there!

From John Mickle:


I just wanted to extend a special thanks to you for helping me so much with my swimming. You had a tall task in front of you! You never gave up on me and encouraged me to keep going. If it weren’t for your help and encouragement, I never would have finished my first triathlon! Thanks again and please keep in touch!

From Steve Robert:

As a firts-time entrant in last weeks Pepsi-Y-Tri, I would like to thank everyone involved for a great day.

Race director Steve Tomboni and what seemed like hundreds of local volunteers did a really nice job in organizing the events. The contestants had an opportunity to test their skills and enjoy what turned out to be an almost perfect morning at Muncie’s Prairie Creek Reservoir. It seemed to go flawless and everyone appeared to have a good time. Steve’s work and that of every single one of the volunteers is much appreciated.

From Stefan Anderson:

I did not want to let this week pass without thanking you for your excellent instructional leadership of our triathlon class. I’m sure you could tell at our ‘graduation dinner’ that all of your students deeply appreciate the time, effort and energy given by you to make our first triathlon successful and memorable. You demostrated not only great patience but superb instructional skills-both brought to focus by your own enthusiasum for the triathlon.

It was a privilege to be in your class. As you could no doubt tell, the experience of crossing the finish line on June 10 was for me a mountain top experience. Thanks for making it happen. Keep up the great work on behalf of fitness and triathlons.

From Michael Gignous:

Long Course Technical Director, the ITU 1996:

“Steve was the coolest under pressure”

Prairie Creek Reservoir Water Temp

78 Degrees on Thursday June 9
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